Our Favorite Yes/No/Maybe Lists Available Online

People ask us all the time how they can have better sex, spice it up, or try something new. The answer is almost always communication! But telling people “You need to communicate about sex with your partner” often isn’t enough information to help people feel confident when it comes to talking about sex. At Self […]

Self Serve’s Top 5 Waterproof Vibrators

It’s summer and it’s hot! So naturally, it’s a great time to have some shower, pool or hot tub fun. And thanks to innovative sex toy technology, there are a handful of waterproof vibrators. That means they go where you go on these hot summer days! Here are a few of our favorite toys you […]

Ask Self Serve – How to Have Knee-Supportive Sex

Q. I’ve had both knees replaced. How do I have sex and get on top without hurting my knees? — A. First off, we hope your new knees are awesome despite some sex setbacks. If sex on top is your favorite, there are a few things you can try, but run these ideas by your […]

Summerfest 2014: Food, Music and a Self Serve Sale

On Saturday July 19th Self Serve is having a huge store-wide sale: 15% off the entire store!  Mark your calendars for a day of summer fun in the sun!     We’re having a sale to celebrate Summerfest, which is when Central Avenue (Route 66) is closed to vehicle traffic. That means you get to walk […]

Ask Self Serve – Sex Drive and Menses

Question: How does a menstrual cycle affect a woman’s sex drive? Is her sex drive only high when she’s ovulating? — Answer: A woman’s sex drive can be complicated. Many women report having high sex drives during ovulation, and biologically, this makes sense because of hormone shifts. During a menstrual cycle, levels of certain hormones […]

Celebrate Your Sexual Freedom!

The United States may be the land of the free, but we still have so much progress to make when it comes to our sexual freedom. Luckily, Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit is an organization that hosts a conference each year to gather leaders in the sex education industry to share and learn how we can […]

Toy Review Tuesday: Wheee! Silicone Ring

New Product: Wheee! Silicone Ring Price: $39.95     The Reviewer Said: “I have never felt a silicone that felt like this before! It was so soft and yummy feeling. My husband said it was the easiest ring he has ever put on.” “It was great for reverse cowgirl” Features: Silicone sleeve 7-Function Vibrator Flexible […]


Playboy TV’s Dr. Jess O’Reilly at Self Serve on June 9th

Dr. Jessica O’Reilly is a sexologist (PhD), educator, TV personality and author out of Toronto.   She will be at Self Serve on Monday June 9th to teach a class based on her new book, “Hot Sex Tips Tricks and Licks.” She is also the host of Playboy TV’s show SWING, which is in its […]