Toy Review Tuesday: Smile Clitoral Vibrator

New Product: Smile Clitoral Vibrator Price: $59.00                   The Reviewer Said:  “The shape is ideal to hold in the palm, very ergonomic. Running it horizontally and vertically along my labia ROCKED MY WORLD. The nub provides more exact vibration, stimulation, and pressure to wherever you put it.” […]

Toy Review Tuesday: Honeybee Lotion Bars

New Product: Honeybee Lotion Bar Price: $12.95     The Reviewer Said:  “My desert skin loves it! Lotion is too thin and doesn’t moisturize enough, and oil feels great but definitely leaves the skin oily. This was the perfect balance for me. It left my skin soft and moisturized and smelling delicious!” Features: Your choice […]

Toy Review Tuesday: Aneros Peridise Anal Set

New Product: Aneros Peridise Anal Set Price: $79.95     The Reviewer Said:  “It feels amazing! I was skeptical that a small, oddly shaped butt plug could make me feel things that other plugs couldn’t, but wow! I immediately felt more aroused through heightened anal sensations. It totally increased my arousal and helped me reach […]

Toy Review Tuesday – The Hand Solo Vibrating Masturbator

New Product: Hand Solo Vibrating Masturbator Price: $39.95             The Reviewer Said: “This toy was great—way better than masturbation without a toy. I loved the vibration, which made this toy was really enjoyable.””This toy is completely unique compared to other masturbation toys.” Features: Black silicone sleeve Nubby textured inside 7-speed […]

Toy Review Tuesday: The We Vibe 4

New Product:  We Vibe 4 Price: $154.95     The Reviewer Said:  “Unlike previous models, you can now go back and forth through the functions if you missed “the spot.” It has a naughty looking devil tail for the G-spot stimulator that is flatter on the bottom making it much easier for penetration and couples […]

Toy Review Tuesday: Adventure Triple Stim Vibrator

New Product: Adventure Triple Stim Vibrator Price: $99.95               The Reviewer Said:  “This toy is well designed and does something that no other toy on the the market currently does. It vibrates internally and externally on your rosebud and clitoris all at the same time and can be  used […]

Toy Review Tuesday: Palm Baller

New Product:  Palm Baller Price: $19.95     The Reviewer Said:  “It feels great because it allows for multiple sensations in one toy, because it has two different-shaped openings”  “I would be more than happy if my wife used it on me.  I also feel like because of the two open ends, the way it can be […]

Toy Review Tuesday: Pyxis Finger Vibe

New Product: The Pyxis Finger Vibe Price: $74.95   The Reviewer Said: “It has intuitive functions and design. The button was super easy to push while wearing the vibe, the charge lasted several uses, and it was easy to charge (USB).””It was strong, easy to use, and delivered vibrations across a flat, broad surface.” Features: […]

Toy Review Tuesday: Revel Body Vibrator

Revel Body Vibrator $179.00   The Reviewer Said: “It’s like having 2 (at least!) vibrators in one toy. The low frequency settings are thumpy and powerful. The high frequency settings are buzzy and more like ‘mainstream’ vibrators.”“It reminds me of someone using their tongue on your vulva, kind of like oral sex.” Features: Wider vibration […]

Toy Review Tuesday: Pin-Ups Tin

New Product: Bombshell Pin-Ups Tin $34.95           The Reviewer Said: “I was really drawn in by the wonderful packaging!! A beautiful, discreet metal tin with a classic pinup model on the front! I really appreciated how quiet the little pocket-sized vibe was and the slight texture to it as well. ” […]