In Defense of SexUality Week… Again

*Content note: sound clips contain discussion of abortion, suicide, gender essentialism and homophobia *

SexUality Week is in the news again, but this time, it’s an anti-abortion student group that has created a week of events called the “Real Sex Week”. They’re advertising it as the third annual sex week, though this is the first event produced by Students for Life with sex week in the title.

As a sex week organizer and UNM alumni, I attended the first event to see what UNM was offering its students for sex education. I was shocked and concerned about the content presented. Read and listen below for examples of the content in the “Real Sex Week”. You’re listening to a portion of Victoria Thorn’s presentation, “What They Didn’t Tell You in Sex Ed”.

“Transgenderism” Caused by Absorbed Twin in Womb? Homosexuality Caused by Trauma During Pregnancy

Unprotected Anal Sex Causes Cancer

Speaker Encouraged People to Not Use Condoms Because of the health Benefits of Semen

Abortion Causes Suicide, but Protein Can Help

For more blatant misinformation, check out my (@hunteroriley) live tweets from the entire program.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Email the Dean of Students ( or the UNM President ( and let them know your opinion as a student, alumni, community member.**
  • Call the Dean of Students (505-277-3361) or the UNM President (505-277-2626) and let them know your opinion as a student, alumni, community member.**

Self Serve fully supports offering sex education that meets the needs of students, including students who abstain from sex, and find their answers through education on faith-based practices. In fact, in 2015, SexUality Week did just that! We offered an event with panelists from several major religions, and had them talk about the ways in which their faiths discuss and practice sex and sexuality. Check out SexUality Week’s coverage of that event here.

Students for Life has used deceptive language, only addresses heterosexual sex, and narrowed the scope of the content to only offer options that fit a Christian perspective. It’s misleading and irresponsible to ignore the educational needs of the full spectrum of students that make up the diverse population of UNM. College is a time that many people explore and develop their sexuality. We need to give students diverse options so they can make their own choices about their sexual health.

** If you would like inspiration on what to say to UNM administrators, feel free to use the below message, and adjust it to your own ideas.

As a/n ___(alumni, student, community member, parent, etc.) I am concerned about the events going on at the “Real Sex Week.” These events are misleading, and provide incorrect information to students. I support comprehensive and inclusive sex education on UNM’s campus. I do not support sex education that uses deceptive language, inaccurate information and only caters to heterosexual students.”