Diversity and Representation in Sex Education

The field of sex education has seen an uptick in discussion around the topic of representation of people of color in the industry.

d34ff8a1-86ed-493e-ba02-b1a127f59acdA few organizations, such as the Women of Color Sexual Health Network and LTASEX, are working to create community and structure to empower sex positive professionals of color to have a stronger presence in the field.

Self Serve supports their mission and their work and wants to help spread the word about the huge diversity of sex educators. Here’s what some of these organizations are doing to work towards more inclusion in the sex education field.

From WOCSHN’s website:

Currently, we are working to:

  • provide critical commentary and online spaces where the voices of POC, and particularly WOC, will be uplifted,

  • establish ourselves as an official 501(c)3,

  • become published collectively and individually,

  • present on sexuality topics around the world,

  • mentor emerging sexuality professionals and public intellectuals of Color into the field,

  • push those involved in the field of sexuality and sexology to challenge the White supremacy the field was built upon and recognize we exist and are thriving experts in this arena.

The members of WOCSHN made a bold and gracious move to address the authors of a book published recently, in which none of the experts were people of color.

A Response to Color-Free Roster of “Secrets of the Sex Masters” & White Supremacy In the Field of Sexuality

We share the above history because you (Carl Frankel and many contributors in the book) mentioned you were not aware of our existence, and we do not want that excuse to ever be used again, by you or anyone. In this day and age, ignorance about POC is more willful than accidental. We must all work to create a societal shift toward the intentional, positive inclusion of POC in this field, and that means White people cannot just be passive receptors of information, or wait until mistakes are made to address them.

LTASEX is an online sex education blog run by Jerome Stuart Nichols. He is working to create a directory of sex educators of color, which will help make the sex education field more accessible to everyone! Check out Jerome’s video about the directory and how to submit someone to it!

Self Serve is committed to support these organizations and educators in the work they are doing to make sex education more accessible. We ask for your help in that endeavor. Share this blog post, donate to their causes or consider hiring someone from the directory or network for your next sex education event!