Learn the Sex Secrets of Albuquerque!

Self Serve recently surveyed over 500 Burqueños about their sex lives.  We found out all kinds of bedroom secrets and sex facts.


In honor of masturbation month, Self Serve wanted to bring often-taboo sex secrets into the light.  People may not talk about sex openly, but we found out what is happening behind closed doors…  and you are a fun and creative bunch!

How often do most people masturbate?  Do people in NM get regular STI testing?  Is it common to like a little slap and tickle with sex? What does someone consider cheating? How would you define sex?  How many women have experienced female ejaculation? Does the porn you watch reflect your sexual orientation? We learned many interesting sex facts and dispelled some common sex myths!

Which sex fact DO YOU find most surprising?
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  • 34% of people surveyed always have an orgasm during sex with a partner.
  • 71% report always having an orgasm when they masturbate.
  • Over 50% of women surveyed have experienced female ejaculation.


  • 89% watch porn regularly.
  • 62% of the people who watch porn watch movies that do not reflect their sexual orientation.
  • 59% like at least some kink with their sex


  • 75% masturbate at least once a week
  • 99% masturbate at least once a month
  • 52% enjoy anal sex
  • 85% of people surveyed have at least one sex toy. 30% have more than two sex toys at home.
  • Over 60% of people have experimented with some sort of household item.  That’s what we at Self Serve call pervertibles! Obviously people love their shower heads, but did you know many have used a bottle?  Beware of safety concerns, friends!
  • 30% have had a sexually transmitted infection at some point, that they know of. (FYI, 1 in 5 who have HIV don’t know they’re infected.)
  • 4 people said they have taken off a condom during sex and not told their partner. 3 out of 4 were women.


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