How To Buy A Fantastic First Sex Toy for Men & Women

 To Buy A Fantastic First Sex Toy for Men & Women

We must begin with the important disclaimer that every person is unique and likes something different. That being said, women who have never used a vibrator should certainly try one. We recommend going for quality and picking an internal/external vibe like a high-quality Fun Factory silicone vibrator. They tend to last a long time and smooth vibrations can be enjoyed on the clit, around the vulva and inside, too! See below for info on other toy materials & options.

If we were dudes, the first toy we’d buy is the Maven ($34.95). It’s a softskin elastomer masturbation “sleeve” that looks and feels soft and fabulous…mmm. The Maven penis sleeve is high quality, made in Japan and contains no phthalates, toxins or latex. Its closed end creates suction with every stroke. Fun. For ultimate enjoyment, use with a water-based lube.

The choice is up to you! Find something that feels good, looks good, and that you’re excited to try. While your best friend might have said that “you HAVE to buy” a specific toy, remember that you are the only one who knows your body. You probably wouldn’t pick out her boyfriend as your ideal sexual partner—and what she likes in bed may not be your cup of tea either. You might want to be creative and try out a few things to see what you like best, and have fun—you deserve it!


Choosing your first vibrator

We’re making lots of videos now to provide sex advice and help you choose a new best friend.  Watch and bring Self Serve sex educators into your home!

While our toy suggestions lead many people to pleasure, the best bet is to do some research and find the toys that suit your needs. Consider the size, shape, texture, material, feel and look of a toy. Think about if you like stimulation only externally, or definitely inside, too. Compare the feel of plastic, silicone, rubber, glass or metal. Keep in mind some toys are waterproof and provide great company in the tub or shower. Read on for more ideas…

External/Clitoral Vibrators: Keep in mind that some have controllers right near the vibe and some have a cord so the controller is off to the side. If you’re using the toy right on or near the clit, pay attention to how strong the vibration gets in different parts of the toy. Keep in mind if the toy is compatible with partner sex or intercourse if that is important to you.

Internal Vibrators: Size does matter and it is completely up to you. Start smaller than you think you want. Note if the toy will entertain you outside and inside for different activities. If you want something realistic, go for it. If not there are plenty of vibrators that look nothing like a penis.


Adult Sex Toy Materials

Silicone: Benefits include a non-porous surface that can easily be sterilized and all bacteria can be removed. These toys are soft and smooth yet range in their flexibility. Silicone warms with touch or when dipped in hot water. Silicone dildos without motors can be boiled for 3 minutes, washed or even put in the dishwasher to clean. These toys are great for people with latex allergies and other sensitivities.


Plastic Sex Toys: Toys made of plastic or acrylic are typically smooth and hard. They can be wiped clean with rubbing alcohol for a bacteria-free surface. Keep in mind that plastic tends to be a bit colder, so warm it up with a few strokes of lube.


Glass and Metal Dildos: There is possibly nothing smoother than glass and metal! They can become hot or cold for great sensation play. The surfaces can be easily cleaned to remove all bacteria. Simply wipe with rubbing alcohol or wash with soap and water. Often the weight of glass or metal feels amazing for vaginal or anal play. Keep in mind glass and metal dildos are very hard and have no flexibility.


Jelly Rubber Dildos and Vibrators: Any toy made of rubbers is porous and cannot be totally sterilized once used. Rubber sometimes contains latex or phthalates, which is a softener used in production. Preliminary research shows that phthalates may be a carcinogen. Any person with chemical sensitivities and latex allergies should avoid jelly rubber. These toys are often less expensive, but are often of lesser quality. Store rubber toys by themselves, as their material may react to other rubbers and plastics.