Pelvic Floor Health & How to do Kegels

Many people are talking more about kegels & vaginal exercise toys. You may have heard of Ben Wa balls or a jade egg that a woman wears inside the vagina. The concept is thousands of years old (link).

The thing is, we often steer ladies away from the classic Ben Wa balls they’ve read about, unless they’re sexual athletes already.  The original Ben Wa balls are actually quite small, heavy and slippery.  For most sexually active adult women, especially moms, Ben Wa balls are very challenging to hold in.  They are like the advanced model.  It’s one thing to wear these kegel toys secretly, but it’s a whole other experience when you sneeze in public and ‘lose your marbles.’  We wouldn’t want that, now would we?

If you’re looking to try wearing a toy inside vaginally to tone pc muscles, then start with the newer models, like Smartballs from Fun Factory or the Ami set from JeJoue.  These are much better designs for women that aren’t as in touch with their kegels.

While this ‘vagina ball explosion’ may be inspired by a sexy suggestion in 50 Shades of Grey, it’s a great activity to try for your health!  Doing pc exercises and toning your pelvic floor has all sorts of benefits for both your sex life and your general health.

Here are a few benefits from having toned pc muscles in your pelvic floor:

  • stronger orgasms
  • easier ability to orgasm
  • minimizing incontinence
  • squeezing your partner during sex
  • better posture and stability

You don’t technically need any toys to do your kegels.  If you want to try to sexercise at home, here’s a basic way to begin from

  • The pubococcygeus muscles are the muscles that support your pelvic anatomy and surround your urethra, vagina and anus. Strengthening them can both increase the intensity of your orgasms and your ability to have more than one.
  • To identify your PC muscle simple stop your urine flow the next time you go to the bathroom. The muscles that you squeeze to do this are the PC muscles. Essentially, squeezing these muscles several times a day is one way to perform Kegels.
  • Squeeze the PC muscles for 10 seconds – pulling up with the vagina and then releasing completely for 10 seconds. It is as important to fully relax the muscles as it is to squeeze them tightly.
  • That’s it! The exercises are best while holding proper posture, and building up in reps as you get stronger.  Popular ways to incorporate kegels into your routine include: kegel during red lights, kegel while you brush your teeth, kegel while waiting in line,  kegel in the shower or during any daily activity. The beautiful thing is that you can kegel anywhere!