Self Serve’s New Medical Referral Program






Over the last 9 years, we’ve built relationships with dozens of health care providers around New Mexico. Now we’re ready to take those relationships to the next level to help serve our communities better together. Currently we have a wide variety of health care providers who refer their patients to Self Serve because they trust us to offer real solutions in a comfortable environment free of shame and judgement. We’re really satisfied in these current relationships, and have room more connections.

Whether it’s someone needing a dilator set or resources about non-monogamous relationships, providers have trusted Self Serve for years to take care of their patients. We offer the support and guidance that so many people crave, but due to time constraints, isn’t always offered in training programs for providers.

“I’ve been sending patients to Self Serve for years, and the care that they have received has helped me help them.” Jen Robinson, CNM, CNP, MS Nurse Midwife, Women’s Health NP at UNM Young Women’s Clinic/Center for Reproductive Health.

Self Serve wants to find ways to support health care providers who care about their patient’s sexuality and relationships, and we want to honor those who see that sex and sexuality are often a vital part of overall wellbeing. We are offering this support in various ways, including:

  • Free lubricant samples you can give to your patients from Uberlube, the manufacturer of one of our top-selling lubes.
  • Referral cards that include a discount for the customer
  • Free training for your staff how to navigate the awkward conversations and support patients in their identities. Trainings can be built around your schedules and availability
  • Resource sheets for topics ranging from pelvic floor health, STI testing locations, non-monogamy support groups, healthy kink and more
  • Networking nights for healthcare providers who want to become more sex positive in their practice.

If you or your staff are interested in partnering with Self Serve for any or all of the above services, please send an email to and we’ll get something set up as soon as possible. You can also call the store at 505 265 5815 to set up a free training, receive resource sheets or samples, or add your name to our sex positive health care directory.

Medical Provider Contact Info

If you're a medical provider in New Mexico and want to be connected with Self Serve, sign up here.