Self Serve Sponsors UNM’s First Sex Week

The University of New Mexico’s Women’s Resource Center and Self Serve Sexuality Toys host UNM’s first Sex Week.


This year’s theme focuses on sex-positive education with an emphasis on preventing sexual assault. In light of the recent sexual assault incidents associated with UNM, we feel compelled to help educate UNM students on how to navigate hookup culture safely while still getting their sexual needs met.

In our culture, women are taught how “not to get raped,” which blames survivors. We want to shift the conversation to teach people not to rape. We’re hosting speakers who offer a different perspective on sex and hooking up that integrates communication and consent into casual and long term sexual relationships.

ReidAboutSexLogo300LOur main event will feature renowned sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko on Monday Sept. 29th in the SUB Ballrooms A&B at 7pm. This event is open to everyone and is free! We’re also hosting other events to help students access accurate, sex-positive education. Check for details.
If you want to follow the buzz on social media, check us out on Twitter @UNMSexWeek and #unmsexweek

Reid will teach his popular workshop “How To Be a Gentleman AND Get Laid: Navigating consent, sexual freedom, partying, dating, relationships and what it means to be a man on campus”


The presentation will cover:

  • Mixing partying with sex: The don’ts and the MUST dos!
  • Consent: how people screw it up, and how you can rock at it!
  • To sleep with, to date, or both: How to tell the difference, how to set the tone respectfully, and how to navigate each.
  • How to negotiate amazing sex!
  • Plus the 411 on taboo subjects like date rape, when the condom breaks, STIs, bad breakups, cheating, and when a break-up turns into a horror movie!”
Other events include:
Todo Sobre Orgasmos – Lunes Sept. 29th 5:30pm, SUB Ballroom A&B at UNM
Sexy Mama’s – Tuesday Sept. 30th 6pm, Women Resource Center at UNM
Negotiating Successful Threesomes – Wednesday Oct. 1st 7:30pm at Self Serve
BJs and Beyond– Thursday Oct. 2nd 7:30pm at Self Serve
O-Face Oral – Thursday Oct. 2nd 6pm at the SUB Fiesta rooms A&B

We hope that with more information on how to have safe and healthy relationships, UNM students will feel empowered to have the sexual interactions they and their partners feel comfortable with, and to feel confident asking for what they want.

 Sex Weeks are becoming a common trend on college campuses, much to the chagrin of some administrators. For example, lawmakers in Tennessee tried to stop students and faculty from attending and producing a Sex Week at UT Knoxville.

Last year, the inaugural Sex Week attracted criticism from state lawmakers, prompting the university to cut funding days before the event kicked off. SEAT was able to fill the void with private fundraising, and the event was a success, attracting more than 4,000 attendees.

There is reportedly almost no visible opposition to Sex Week on the UT-Knoxville campus. In an interview with The Huffington Post, university Chancellor Jimmy Cheek said his office has not received any complaints from alumni or concerned citizens about the event. But that won’t stop lawmakers from fielding three bills that aim to stop Sex Week from taking place, even though the school was ranked near the bottom for sexual health last year in an annual ranking by Trojan.

Rep. Richard Floyd (R-Chattanooga) filed a resolution condemning the event that attracted 28 co-sponsors.


In the spirit of providing sex positive education to adults, UNM’s Sex Week is something we want to support to be even bigger, better and more inclusive next year!