Diversity and Representation in Sex Education

The field of sex education has seen an uptick in discussion around the topic of representation of people of color in the industry. A few organizations, such as the Women of Color Sexual Health Network and LTASEX, are working to create community and structure to empower sex positive professionals of color to have a stronger […]

Self Serve Sponsors UNM’s First Sex Week

The University of New Mexico’s Women’s Resource Center and Self Serve Sexuality Toys host UNM’s first Sex Week. This year’s theme focuses on sex-positive education with an emphasis on preventing sexual assault. In light of the recent sexual assault incidents associated with UNM, we feel compelled to help educate UNM students on how to navigate […]

Our Favorite Yes/No/Maybe Lists Available Online

People ask us all the time how they can have better sex, spice it up, or try something new. The answer is almost always communication! But telling people “You need to communicate about sex with your partner” often isn’t enough information to help people feel confident when it comes to talking about sex. At Self […]