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It’s pretty amazing how much work it is to put on a porn festival. The 3rd Annual Pornotopia Erotic Film Festival takes place in nine days according to the countdown clock on our website, and I continue to be grateful for all the individuals and organizations making Pornotopia 2009 possible. Tickets are about to be […]

Sex Toy Care & Maintenance

You may already know about giving tender loving to your new toy, but we can help you learn the “caring” part. Sex toys can last a long time and give you months to years of pleasure if you treat them right. People often regret that a toy breaks or wears out too quickly, but ignore […]

Tristan Taormino, serendipity & a female ejaculation contest

It’s exciting to me when the world feels small, and the universe seems to say, “you are exactly where you should be.” I didn’t know attending a G Spot workshop would be so serendipitous and foreshadow events three or nine years later. I didn’t think about the next time I would run into someone I […]

Prostate Pleasure By: Bettie Templeton

Hello Friends of the Prostate!If you’ve decided to read this, you’re either playing with the prostate already and want to know a little more, or you may be thinking about trying it for the first time. Either way, we hope this information helps you to relax and have some fantastic fun!The prostate is a small […]

Fun with Cock Rings!

Cock rings are a fun way to add intensity to an erection and accessorize your johnson. Cock rings (also called penis rings) bind the penis and testicles. This traps blood in the penis, which can result in added engorgement, greater sensitivity, and a firmer erection. Many men report that orgasms are more intense and explosive. […]

Sex just keeps getting censored

It still ceases to amaze me. People are so very afraid of sex. Why else would there be so many censorship battles? Self Serve is just two and half years old, and we’ve had more than our share of brick walls, closed doors and unwanted editing. All in the name of preserving what? Some puritanical […]

One of the easiest ways to improve sex all the time…

Keep your Fluids Topped Off! Lubricants One of the easiest ways to make any sexual activity more comfortable and more pleasurable is to simply add lube! Many women experience discomfort during intercourse and other insertive sex due to vaginal dryness. Many things affect how much we self-lubricate. Hormone levels, many prescription drugs, common anti-histamines, being […]

What we want every adult to know about sex toy manufacturing…

Have you heard of phthalates? Phtha- what? Right. It’s a scary word. But toxins in sex toys are even scarier! We are putting safety first. We want to raise public awareness about phthalates — toxins commonly used to manufacture adult toys — by introducing Toxic Toy Awareness Month every April. We are all about pleasure, […]

Safety is about more than condoms!

Use Lube… When it comes to sex the rule to live and love by is—THE WETTER THE BETTER! Not only does a good lube make sex feel marvelously better for all parties involved—it actually makes sex safer. Lube cuts down on friction and irritation and reduces the risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections. If you’re using […]

Don’t be afraid to travel with sex toys!

You are not alone in traveling with toys! Many people travel with sex toys and take precious vibrators on vacation. Many people always travel with LOTS of toys, too. People that work at sex shops, kinky folks, sales people, toy manufacturers, swingers, and many other normal folks take toys with them all over the world. […]

Anal Sex Can Change Your Life…

Matie and I taught the Backdoor Lovers: Intro to Anal Sex class last night. It was so fun. I think it’s the beginning of the Prostate Pleasure Revolution 🙂 Yay! Seriously, it felt good to debunk taboos, empower men and women to explore new territory, and prevent more rampant bad sex. Our society is pretty […]

Wedding Season is Upon Us…

In this day and age it seems people have all sorts of Opinions about weddings. Weddings are so exciting. Invite people you never see who invited you to their son’s wedding. Gay folks should be able to marry. Destination weddings cost too much. Bachelorette parties cost too much. There are lots of rules. Can I […]

Femme Identity and Passing…

Around LGBT Pride time every year, amidst Self Serve pride planning, building a float and attending lots of fun events, I find a time to reflect on my own identity as a queer femme who passes most of the time. I have a transgender FTM partner who passes as male, and I’m feminine looking and […]


Self Serve and the Guild Cinema present: Festival Schedule Check out our 2009 Premier Sponsors: THURSDAY – November 5 6:00 pm Self Serve Pornotopia Kick Off Party 2009!  6 pm till late at the shop Come hear all about the festival…Party with Self ServeEnjoy Free Marble BeerLearn about the FilmsBid on Sexy Silent Auction – featuring Liberator sex […]

Want to contribute?

Do you have opinions about sex?  Seriously… Virtually everyone has had good and bad experiences in their sex lives.  We all have funny stories and tales of woe.  We have learned some important lessons the hard way.  Sometimes we inadvertently make lots of puns and double entendres.   If you like writing and want to share sex […]

Nice to meet you…

Everyday at Self Serve in Albuquerque we learn about sex and relationships through our experiences at the shop, problem solving with customers and giving people permission to feel good.  We meet people with amazing experiences in relationships, sex and love.  We all have the potential for joy and pleasure in life, and we can all […]


Looking for Pornotopia 2008 Films on DVD? Call 505-265-5815 to order.   Self Serve and the Guild Cinema present: We are so excited about the 2008 Pornotopia lineup! Thank you to the Screening Committee and all the Filmmakers for making Pornotopia possible. After Pornotopia 2008, many featured films will be available on DVD from Self Serve, Pornotopia: The […]


Self Serve and the Guild Cinema present: Albuquerque’s first Independent Erotic Film Festival.November 30 – December 2, 2007 Presented by: Self Serve and the Guild. Imagine a world… where erotic films don’t offend, but arouse. Where orgasms are real and filmmakers are independent. Self Serve has curated a collection of filmmakers who aren’t afraid to keep […]