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    1.  by  beanbun

      I would also like to share if anyone has any questions for the transgender support group here in Burque to please let us know! I would be happy to help you get in touch with them!

    2.  by  Shannendoah

      I have to say that many married people I know don't want to be married anymore, yet they stay married because they don't want to "have to go back out there". Where that is, I don't know, which means I'm probably there. I agree that if any consenting adults want to get married then they should be able to and do it with flair. Honestly, there are so many people already on their fourth or fifth marriage, that I'm sure a nation of LGBT couples getting married couldn't muck it up anymore than straight people already have. Seriously, who does more to attack the family values of America, the people who really want to be married or the people who just treat it as a temporary retreat that they can cast off at the smallest inconveniences and differences. I put my money on the gays.

    3.  by  earlytobed

      Oh I hear you! As a sex shop owner I have experienced ALL the things that you have as far as funding, renting, merchant services and such. And Seriously, how does get away with using google carts when you can't? Fuckers.

    4.  by  Betsy

      I totally agree with education, trying new things and most of all honest communication with your partner. If you don't have that last, you don't have much of anything and your sex life will suffer no matter how adventurous you are.However, science does show that at least part of sexual arousal IS in the brain, for both sexes. I love to point friends towards Helen Fisher when this topic comes up. So I DO think drugs have the potential to help provided all other issues – relationship, whatever societal, body image – have been taken care of.It is obvious, by looking at the trials, that this particular drug is NOT going to be the cure-all for women. But I hope that if and when one is developed that will help, Self Serve supports it. Thanks! 🙂

    5.  by  Molly

      Betsy- I agree totally! The brain is part of the equation. I hope research does help us learn more about female desire. Perhaps someday we'll know more about how to increase sexual desire through medical intervention, I just know we're not there yet.Flibanserin was rejected unanimously today by the FDA. They cited too many side effects and not enough positive results…'s keep the conversation going and keep trying holistic methods to increase desire 🙂

    6.  by  Rachel

      What worries me the most about drugs like Flibanserin and it's 2004 counterpart Intrinsa is the whole phenomenon of the slippery slope. If one of these drugs/patches/sprays whatever was to pass FDA approval and be accessible to women through their respective doctors, my concern would be that many women would turn to this medical alternative to fixing their between-the-sheets-conundrum before considering other factors which would affect their libido. I know countless people who pop a Tylenol whenever their head hurts, but how productive is that kind of solution, really?I do think it's great that there is talk about female sexual desire, but I can't help but being a bit of a Negative Nancy. It's like that line from Field of Dreams: If you build it, they will come. if this drug is passed, women will buy it, and how will that affect our perception of what a 'normal' sexuality is?

    7.  by  Self Serve

      Updated Advice! Carry on lube and liquids under 3.4 oz in a quart sized bag. Lubricant is considered a medical accessory, so you can declare larger amounts, too!

    8.  by  Miss Alee

      Sex is Fun Show did a podcast about labiapasty on June 28th, 2010. Sif# 232

    9.  by  bothhands

      you ladies make me happy. thank you for getting this message out there!

    10.  by

      I suggest before a woman heads off for surgery I suggest she perform what I call the "Vagina Salute” at least once. The Vagina Salute is a little act that I like to perform to remind myself of the Glory and undeniable Beauty of my Vagina. To perform the Vagina Salute you need a man, 2 pillows and I like to incorporate high heels. (The heels make me feel a bit sassy and help get your nerve up the first time around.) I like to take a shower, rub myself all over with my favorite lotions, and make myself my most beautiful. I then proceed to my bed and position myself in the center with 2 pillows under my hips and spread my legs as far as they will go. I then proceed to call in my husband and tell him I just want him to look at my Vagina…BUT NOT TOUCH. After a few minutes of begging I let him touch anything but my Vagina…After a few more minutes of intense begging and drooling I let him touch only the outside of my Vagina. When it is apparent that he can not endure another moment-only then do I allow him access to the "Inner Sanctum"! If any woman doubts the mesmerizing power and beauty of her Vagina…try the Vagina Salute. It embodies the word "empowerment" and is much less expensive (and WAY more fun) in every regard than surgery.

    11.  by  Self Serve

      Thanks, Bad Mimi! Great idea. This surely could work with a woman, of course. Or by oneself, with a mirror. Good self pleasure should have anticipation and build up, too!:)

    12.  by  Kaal

      all right. i admit, my incredible experiences of sexual liberation and personal empowerment over the past week, and my inspiration to join this blog (because i'm so inspired with gratitude,) are because of this amazing device: the jimmy jane form II. just thinking about it makes me want to go play. what an incredible power, to have as many lightening bolt bliss explosion orgasms as i want? this miraculous, smart little sweetling has been keeping me up way too late… but, i'm very, very grateful.

    13.  by  Karma

      Hey Molly,This was lovely to read, and a fantastic reminder. Missing my peeps in the ABQ. xo, Karma

    14.  by  Kerewin West

      I love y'all so much! I'll be reading this blog every day from now on, just like Cute Overload! 🙂

    15.  by  Kerewin West

      Matie, the second video made me laugh so hard I almost fell off of my chair. Dramatic recreation indeed. :-P–Alisia

    16.  by  Shauna Aura

      Thanks for posting this video, women. I had no idea that these surgeries were getting so common. Kudos for getting the word out and encouraging people to not get pieces of their bodies cut off. The education–showing different kinds of vulvas–is invaluable. I, too, had no idea that my vulva was normal, I always thought it was too big. Now I know that that's just in comparison to the porn star look. Keep up the good work!

    17.  by  Molly

      I totally appreciate the idea of letting go and living a fantasy. That can the perfect release for someone even if they are in a monogamous relationship. Use role playing to be whomever you want to be. Act out, talk dirty, and it will surely turn on your partner. Facing scary fantasies- of dominance or submission for example- can be scary in a positive way if enacted in a safe, comfy context.

    18.  by  HollyT

      Why did none of the vulvas shown have a natural amount of pubic hair?It seems ironic that a video encouraging women to love their vulvas the way they are, still promoted the idea that there is something natural about hairless or partially shaved adult vulva.

    19.  by  Kerewin West

      Hooray for negotiation & communication! Books like Wiseman's "SM 101," Dr. Sprinkle's "Spectacular Sex" & "Fantasex" by Rolf Milonas all have wonderful tools, games, guides and even charts to support and guide you in communicating desires w/ a partner and sometimes even just helping you admit them to yourself. I love the term "negotiation fetishist." Now that's a fetish that no one could object to!–Alisia

    20.  by  Molly

      Molly will be on KRQE Channel 13 4 o'clock news talking about Pornotopia being censored! Watch if you can and check our blog tonight for news updates! There's also an interview planned for KOAT 7

    21.  by  Durnholde

      Can't you get the ACLU involved? This appears to be a clear infringement of the first amendment and freedom to assemble. Maybe you could recast pornotopia as a protest of the government regulations? If the city loses, that may break open the anti-first amendment zoning laws in their entirety.

    22.  by  Nancy

      When I was trying to organize on behalf of the sex workers, ACLU would not get involved on the grounds that we "brought our troubles on ourselves." I had contact with the national organizations, funding from some concerned local citizens, amused tolerance from the local cops and legal system — mostly because organizing working women is a lot like trying to scramble hard boiled eggs.

    23.  by  SB

      wow you cant hear us laughing in the background at all. that's aweomse! lol

    24.  by  Helen

      Can't wait to see it! Matie is always a funny, inspirational and entertaining speaker…and I'm not just saying that because she is my baby sister!

    25.  by  Helen

      Molly, that was beautifully written! Such a compelling and thoughtful response to a flippant comment.

    26.  by  SB

      so bummed i didnt make it to the bj class the other night 🙁 hoping you have more!

    27.  by  wookie_x

      As per one definition of the word "Turgid": Bombastic male genitals?? I'm heterosexual, but I think that would be amusing to see!!

    28.  by  Molly

      Bombastic? Fantastic! As long as it's covered in Albuquerque… except if shown in major motion pictures at large movie theaters…

    29.  by  dyrtyd

      Talk about selective enforcement! It makes you wonder what do they let their friends get away with.

    30.  by  johnny

      i wrote a new letter and sent it to the Mayor.Let's all keep pu the pressure, until a festival happens!

    31.  by  johnny

      i wrote a new letter and sent it to the Mayor.Let's all keep up the pressure, until a festival happens!

    32.  by  Mary

      November 4, 2010Mayor Richard J. BerryP.O. Box 1293Albuquerque NM 87103Dear Mayor Berry:I read with dismay the news that “Pornotopia CENSORED” has been canceled. I trust the organizers, Molly and Matie of Self Serve, and I can’t dismiss their accusation. Did your Planning and Zoning officials use intimidation to stop the festival?Over the last year, Your Honor, I have been quite pleased with your administration. But I can’t stay happy with any Republican who doesn’t defend the freedom we love in the Wild West. As long as the kids are kept away, can’t we have some dancing girls on stage?As a former sex worker and current criminal defense attorney, I think I know prostitution and exploitation when I see them. Respectfully, your officials would have to be pretty naïve to confuse this event for a threat. Pornotopia shows don’t even pose the same danger as ads available in the back of newspapers all over town. I am aware that I haven’t heard your side of the story yet. Did you want to crush this festival, or has it just run afoul of a few officials acting on their own? Did those officials deliberately intimidate Molly and Matie because they knew they didn’t have a leg to stand on in court? Your State of the City Address today promised to save us money by keeping government small—small enough to stay out of the way of Albuquerque’s people when they are making the city great. Please, if you do nothing else, get back to me (and Molly and Matie) and make your position transparent. Even if you disagree with me, assure us that your administration will fight its battles in the open, not by scaring business owners out of exercising their rights. This may seem like a small issue for our big city, but it’s a chance to do the right thing. If you are fighting the public health battle against sexually transmitted infections, I have good news for you: Molly and Matie are on your side. If you are taking a feminist stance against the exploitation of women and children, I’ve got good news for you: Molly and Matie are on your side. And if you want property values here to look more like San Francisco than Branson, I have good news for you: Molly and Matie and their hundreds of friends are more likely to stay if you just take their side on this one.I wish you a safe trip this week and hope you will take a moment to personally encourage Molly and Matie to throw a safe and joyful Pornotopia show.Yours,Mary Griego

    33.  by  Señorita

      what a disappointment.well, i feel way more "moral" now, how 'bout the rest of you? grrr…

    34.  by  Diva

      I saw the Genitorturers at the Sunshine back in the day. TWICE. This is selective enforcement if there ever was…..

    35.  by  YourDarkness

      I will be sending a letter. Also, have you ladies contacted the local ACLU? This sounds right up their ally. If nothing else, they might have advice about how to proceed in the future. I know they have been invaluable to some other organizations.

    36.  by  Diva

      Can't believe I forgot this! They offered up nearly the same intimidation techniques for the first Alibi/Crushed Velvet Rope Fetish Ball at the Launchpad.We didn't say a word and we let them show up. Rumors flew about the plain-clothes cops in the crowd. We knew we were following all the rules to the letter.No tickets were issued. Doesn't mean it wouldn't happen this time; I've been gone for so long I don't know what the climate is there anymore. I also had an attorney on retainer for all the performers and a valid business license to operate the troupe, which helped.Suffice to say I hope you all fight the good fight on this one – ABQ needs to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century, just about every 10 years. Sorry that you're due now, just before such a sex-positive, free-speech event as the one you had planned.

    37.  by  R.J. Awesome

      *sigh* This is all such a load. You know? It's not only a disservice to the community as a whole, but it's detrimental to individuals. The message they're sending me is that by being sex-positive and expressing that openly (with other grown ups who are like-minded) I'm actually a dirty freak, not a productive member of society. I'll tell you what Abq, I pay my taxes. I work hard. I want to play hard, but I want to do it my own way. Deal with it, and stop putting roadblocks in my way. Grr. This makes me sick and angry :o{

    38.  by  Molly

      Thanks for all the comments, and Mary- your letter is fabulous.We are talking to the Mayor's office tomorrow, and hope to make progress on figuring out how to finally host events, legally, without fear of repercussions. I am still hopeful!I figure we shall go straight to the Mayor and try to learn what's going on.

    39.  by  Rogi

      This breaks my heart. Hookers all over Central Ave, strip clubs, sexist adverts, HIV AIDS, STDs, pregger teens….. healthy sexuality would cure ALL of this sickness. And it would empower people in such subversive ways, it would destroy the capitalist system, conventional religion and the military industrial complex! Bless you for your conviction and heart. Albuquerque hasn't heard the last of us yet.

    40.  by  Erin

      Albuquerque bureaucracy is pathetic. Puritanical assholes.

    41.  by  Jen Prosser

      I've emailed a version of the above letter. Scandalous!

    42.  by  lovely.

      @Meganfein – it's all that damn tea the tea party is making the people's like that special kool aid… you know, the kind the special clubs give you. with the matching sneakers.

    43.  by  Jean

      I've been to two of the Burlesque/Circus show in the past and loved them! I was very much looking forward to tonights performance only to check my e-mail and find it's been cancelled for no good reason! Last night I happened to be at Kosmos and when I walked in they were having "pants down" musical chairs with males and females participating – all participants had panties or boxers on and it was hysterical. Is the city going to try to stop this kind of harmless fun everywhere or just when it involves anything with the name "Pornotopia"??? You bet I'll be sending Dick Berry a letter!

    44.  by  Mr. G

      I also have a small business and I have also experienced similar abuse of power. Too much focus seems to be placed on the censorship aspect . The greater problem is simply that Government is too big and far too intrusive. If the City had less power their ability to abuse power would also be lessened. The problem is big government and its abuse of power. It is ironic that at the same time so many Americans think we are fighting for freedom in foreign lands while our freedoms here at home are being lost.

    45.  by  Killbox

      How do "Adult entertainment" video/magazine stores do it? Its been a good number of years since i turned 18 and shopped much at any of those, but popular legend says they have movie viewing booths and theaters. Admittedly their porn is not the same as pornatopia content, But what laws do they use to stay open?

    46.  by  Rogi

      YAY! We're on the map as the biggest thumb sucker city in the USA! I'm so PROUD!

    47.  by  Ren

      did you record this with that free Staples cam?Love it! More please!!

    48.  by  Molly

      More ideas from our friend at NMAS: 1. Donate $ if you can. AIDS organizations are really hurting. 2. Get tested, and/or get a friend to get tested. Support your friend and get tested with them! NMAS is testing from 12-5pm today. 3. Talk to your friends and family about HIV/AIDS to fight stigma. 4. Events around New Mexico:Albuquerque:Free, anonymous, oral swab HIV testing 12-5pm and come see a local piece of the AIDS Quilt at NMAS today, Call 938-7100 for more info.Information, education, awareness, and a candle light remembrance at First Nations Community Healthsource, For more info call Mattee Jim, 505.262.6554 Las Cruces: World AIDS Day will be observed in Las Cruces on December 1, 2010 at First Christian Church – DOC, 1809 El Paseo Road beginning at 7:00 pm and everyone is welcome to attend. Donations of canned food will be gladly accepted for the food pantry for clients, For more info Janet Lindsey, FYI642-6596Santa Fe: THE TRANSFORMING POWER OF STORY: WORLD AIDS DAY WORSHIP SERVICE, WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 1ST, 2010 6:00PM FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH SANTA FE (208 Grant Avenue, Santa Fe). This ecumenical World AIDS Worship Service is a unique opportunity for faith and community leaders to gather together and experience the transforming power of story as told by those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Rev. Andrew Black, AIDS advocate and Sen. Bingaman’s Health Care Field Representative, will deliver the sermon entitled “Seeing the Face of God in those with HIV/AIDS.” All our welcome.Gallup: Navajo AIDS Network-Gallup, NM office is offering FREE HIV Testing. For more info call 505 863 9929.

    49.  by  Sera Miles

      I'm so thrilled you went to AVN! I went years ago and had such a blast. It's one of the best shows in the country. YAY for Self Serve!

    50.  by  Twitch

      Great suggestions. Might I suggest for stripping music Rebecca Romijn Stamos' cover of Prince's 'Darling Nikki'. HOT!!! It's on an album called 'An Electro Goth Tribute To Prince'. Highly recommended.

    51.  by  Nandi

      I love the video! So informative with great humor. I was actually laughing out loud at the end. Thanks!

    52.  by  Nandi

      and where are you on Facebook?? I couldn't find your page. I did "like" your page awhile ago and now I can't find it.

    53.  by  Shana

      Thank you. I was at a loss to explain how PDA was different than dragging a submissive into a coffee shop on a leash. I'm so glad you post this. And that I read it. 🙂

    54.  by  Master Bear

      Thank you both so much ,and to Sky it was an honor to interview you! thanks for being a part of this project!

    55.  by  StarMaid

      (wipes a tear), you are so loved sweetie. You are; an in your face fighter, devoutly loyal to women of size and an all around lovely lady wrapped in wonderfully colorful layers. You go girl! And hats off to Keli too, great therapy choice!

    56.  by  Proton Wrangler

      This is an FDA-approved device with attendant liability and regulatory expense. I have some experience with an older version of this device and it worked moderately well and was built like a tank. – Spinal Guy

    57.  by  topsbutterfly

      Once again! You always amaze me with your insights and opinions! I feel truly honored to have the opportunity to read your blogs and hear your thoughts! You always make valid points and bring out thoughts that others may overlook or take for granted! This is such an important topic, and is one that EVERYONE should know and understand on so mant levels! Thank you again for being so awesome and allow your voice to be heard!!!!

    58.  by  alexanator

      Thank you for that insightful exploration of the complexities of the intersections of fat-positive, anti-racist, body-acceptance spaces/communities. It's important to articulate how stereotypes and generalizations affect people negatively. Being aware of those affects is the first step in addressing the deeper (and infinitely more complex) issues of racism, sex-negativity, homophobia.I thought the term "____ is the new black" was a term referring to black as a color in fashion that goes with anything–the hip universal. Now, I can see how it was used in reference to civil rights struggle of African Americans. Tactics and strategies of the black power movement have been used by other movements (gay rights, women, etc.), but I find it problematic to compare oppression/struggle/politics of each movement to each other as apples to apples. Racism, ageism, sexism, homophobia, classism, etc are so integrated and overlapping that they cannot be seen as separate. They are, in fact, in extricable reinforcing discrepancies in power and privilege.

    59.  by  Squishy Brown Chick

      Hi Alexantor! Thank you for your comments! While I agree that the various aspects of oppression such as gay rights, homophobia, women's rights' etc. all have to deal with power and privilege, it is a great disservice to people of color and of working class status to lump us all together under "one Happy umbrella". One of the problems with first wave feminism movement was the fact that the grievances of women who were working class, below the poverty line, of color and differently abled were ignored in favor of upper class women's issues with the reasoning that "everything overlaps". The same issue still affects the glbtqi community where racism and classism are so rampant that a majority of men of color now refer to themselves as "same gender loving" in protest of the fact that their needs are ignored and/or treated with a patronizing attitude. For most of us who are poor,fat, of color, and queer, having someone tell us that all of the problems we're facing are all the same is tantamount to someone telling us to "stay in our place" and not talk about our problems. It takes away our voice. Talking about the realities and complexities of racism and oppresion within activist communities is the only way we can learn, grow, and become more empowered.

    60.  by  Korie Tatum

      Hi there! I’m trying to RSVP for the beer tasting on the 7th and am not seeing where/how to do that!

    61.  by  Self Serve

      Thank you for the comment. Try RSVPing again, I think we fixed the error.
      Self Serve Staff

    62.  by  P.

      Have you ever thought of hosting naked events and parties, mixers, for singles, couples swingers, straight and gay pornatopias. Have you thought of sponsoring orgies for different age categories? That kind of thing is sorely lacking in this city.

    63.  by  Hunter

      Hi there,

      Unfortunately, we cannot hold parties like these due to legal restraints. There are kinky and swinger folks in New Mexico who host events like these. We recommend check out and and search for people and groups in Albuquerque.

      Thank you for reaching out!

    64.  by  Allan Sindelar

      Simply brilliant. Yes! Well thought out privacy policy. And “Strap-on 101” with Hunter is so well presented and so radical. Thank you.

    65.  by  Johnny


      I was wondering if you sold the Penomet Penis Pump in-store, if not what penis pumps do you sell?

    66.  by  chyna beck

      hi, can you get me back on your email list? I no longer receive emails. hope u have some classes soon. Hope you are doing well and I appreciate so much all you do and stand for…. blessings to you this holiday!

    67.  by  chyna beck

      Hi, can you tell me the best lube for post menopausal women-NOT on any hormone replacement…. send me an email? also … I dont see any classes listed? Hope you arent without?

    68.  by  Hunter

      Hi there!

      We had two options that we loved, sadly one of them was discontinued. We are looking for a replacement pump right now. We have another one called the Precision Pump that you can check out.
      Here it is:

      Thank you!
      Hunter @ Self Serve

    69.  by  Hunter

      Can you send an email with your request to info(at)selfservetoys(dot)com

      Thank you!
      Hunter @ Self Serve

    70.  by  Hunter

      Hi there,

      Can you send an email to info(at)selfservetoys(dot)com and we can help you out.
      Thank you!
      Hunter @ Self Serve

    71.  by  Hunter

      Not at the moment. But when we do we’ll put it out on our email list and social media pages.

      Thank you!
      Hunter @ Self Serve

    72.  by  Allyson Smith

      I have never had such a fun and relaxed experience as in your store. The staff is incredible! My first thought was that everyone here must love their job because there is so much enthusiasm for education and demonstration. Loved it and will only be shopping here for toys from now on!

    73.  by  Miss Matie

      Thanks so much Allyson! We do love our jobs! I’m so happy you had such a positive experience at Self Serve. It is a great gift to help people explore their desires everyday. May we share this quote as a testimonial? It is challenging for us to explain what Self Serve provides for people and you’ve really summed up what we do best beautifully! -Matie@selfserve

    74.  by  Hunter

      Hi there!

      If you’re able to send an email to Hunter, our class coordinator, we can get an idea of what would be a good fit. Her email is: hunter (at) selfservetoys (dot) com.

      Thank you!

    75.  by  Self Serve

      Hi there,

      We are in the process of finding and testing new penis pumps. Once we have more feedback from our reviewer we will be figuring out which pumps we will carry. In the meantime, this is one that we have carried for years and that many people enjoy:

      Thank you!

    76.  by  Alex

      Is the starting into ethical non-monogamy going to offered again any time in the near future? I unfortunately have another commitment the night the April class is happening. Thanks

    77.  by  Ray

      My WONDERFUL girlfriend/now fiance! and I were in your shop recently and have been chatting about adding some rope work and mild bondage and seeing where it goes. I see that there is a class next Tuesday. I am ALL for it and she is too. Unfortunately, she is on the other side of the world for a couple of weeks. Is it worth coming to the rope class if I don’t have someone to “tie up?” I’ve been reviewing books, but there is SO much to learn in person.

    78.  by  Emily Lewis


      My name is Emily, I heard about your company by a blogger who wrote a review about your service. Does your company offer services to influential Bloggers, Youtubers and Instagrammers to review or for sponsored posts?

      Emily Lewis
      (952) 955-6694
      7204 W. 27th Street, Suite 220, Minneapolis MN 55426

    79.  by  Self Serve

      Hey Emily,

      If you can go ahead and send us an email at we can chat more about what you’re offering up and to see if we can work together. Thank you!

    80.  by  Self Serve

      Hi there,

      So sorry that we didn’t see this message until now. You are more than welcome to come to the class and practice with someone else. But this is one of our most popular classes, so we’ll definitely be offering it again. Thank you!

    81.  by  Self Serve

      We will have another non-monogamy class coming up in the next few months, so stay tuned 😀

    82.  by  Ben

      Do you have any classes on sub and Dom.If not will you have one coming up?

    83.  by  Hunter

      We currently have classes around BDsM that are about flogging, sensation play and bondage. We do offer a class called Finding Your Inner Dominant, but we don’t have it scheduled yet.
      Thanks for the question!

    84.  by  Terri Gately

      I am very interested in becoming a Product Tester for you and would be delighted to give feedback on the product. Nothing is more frustrating than buying a product that doesn’t perform as advertised. Frustrating, so I would love to contribute to saving someone from wasting their time and money by testing and reporting back my experience with the product.

    85.  by  Melanie Helton

      I am very interested in becoming a toy tester for your company. Please sign me up STAT!!

    86.  by  Patrick Henley

      How do you know when you have the right sex partner

    87.  by  Patrick Henley

      Have you updated your schedule of classes yet

    88.  by  Desert_Night

      Do u do/have any classes & events in Santa Fe?

    89.  by  Hunter

      We are currently not accepting new applications for toy testers. But thank you for your interest!

    90.  by  Hunter

      We are currently not accepting new applications for toy testers. But thank you for your interest!