Toy Review Tuesday: Chubby G Vibrator

New Product: Chubby G Vibrator Price: $39.95     The Reviewer Said:  “I felt the low, thudding vibration in my vagina really well. It was so strong I needed less clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. The girth was great and overall it gave a really satisfying experience. “ Features: Silicone massager and ABS plastic […]

Toy Review Tuesday: The Everlasting G-Spotter

New Product: The Everlasting G-Spotter Price: $49.95                   The Reviewer Said: “I found the sensation of warm, smooth ceramic unique and unexpected. The warmth of the toy was better than glass or metal because it didn’t shock my body when I first started to use it.””The bumps […]

Toy Review Tuesday: Cuddle Gspot Vibe

New Product: Cuddle Gspot Vibe Price: $69.00                   The Reviewer Said:  “The shape was fantastic, good for both internal and external use. It actually got toward my G-spot and other internal nerve centers. Externally, it was really easy to have vibration wherever I wanted it. It’s a […]

Ask Self Serve – Female Ejaculation

Question: Okay, so I’m a squirter and lots of time I get too wet and am unable to keep my partner inside. How can I help dry it out so the moment isn’t interrupted? — Answer: First off, we want to congratulate you on your ability to squirt. It’s something a lot of people are […]

Deborah Sundahl teaches Female Ejaculation and the Gspot at Self Serve

Deborah Sundahl is one of the foremost sexuality educators on female ejaculation and the gspot. She’s dropping by Self Serve on Thursday, April 25th at 7:30 pm to teach her well-loved class “Female Ejaculation and the Gspot” Deborah started out as one of the creators of the feminist magazine, On Our Backs over 25 years ago. […]