Sexuality Trainings

Since we don’t get much (if any) sex ed in schools, it’s no wonder we don’t know it all when it comes to sex. Even if you had sex ed classes growing up, did they teach you how to reach orgasm or please a partner? Exactly.

In Albuquerque adults can now access sexuality classes to learn more relationship skills, sex techniques and sexy new ideas. Toy party companies are also offering in-home parties in even the most rural locales.

Our calendar is the place to look for sex ed classes, relationship classes, bachelorette activities, date night ideas, girls night out events and community nights. You can plan your own private sex toy parties and workshops as well.

Trainings for Health Care Providers

Let our sex educators create an important and fun training for your counseling or medical staff.  There is a clear lack of training in sexual issues and safer sex in the medical professions, and we can fill that gap.  As Sexuality Educators, we can help medical providers and counselors become more comfortable talking to patients about sex, finding resources, becoming LGBT and kink aware and gaining knowledge of key health issues around sexuality.  Contact matie to discuss details about your next training.  Some examples of trainings we can provide:

  • A Sex Positive Approach to Safer Sex
  • Sex & Dating after 50
  • Safer Sex for the Transgender Community
  • LGBT and Kink Awareness for Health Care Providers
  • Talking to Your Patients About Sex
  • Safety in Sex Toys, Lubricants & Other Body Care

Check out our upcoming classes on the Self Serve event calendar.