Toy Review Tuesday: The Everlasting G-Spotter

New Product: The Everlasting G-Spottereverlasting-g-spotter

Price: $49.95










The Reviewer


“I found the sensation of warm, smooth ceramic unique and unexpected. The warmth of the toy was better than glass or metal because it didn’t shock my body when I first started to use it.””The bumps and ridges helped me get going and a subtle shift in pressure created the ‘come hither’ motion that makes G-spots ejaculate. This toy helped me ejaculate more than I had in months!
Waterproof, non-porous, organic ceramic.”


  • Safe for vaginal or anal penetration
  • Holds temperature for up to 20 minutes
  • 7.75” length, 5.5” girth
  • Hypoallergenic