Toy Review Tuesday: Wheee! Silicone Ring

New Product: Wheee! Silicone Ring Price: $39.95     The Reviewer Said: “I have never felt a silicone that felt like this before! It was so soft and yummy feeling. My husband said it was the easiest ring he has ever put on.” “It was great for reverse cowgirl” Features: Silicone sleeve 7-Function Vibrator Flexible […]

Toy Review Tuesday: Seebinger Hemp Lotion

New Product: Seebinger Hemp Lotion Price: $12.95           The Reviewer Said:  “It smells AMAZING without being overpowering. It absorbs quickly into the skin and lasts for hours, and it feels great. With regular use, my hands are rarely chapped. I wish I had a bottle in every room of my house […]

Toy Review Tuesday: Power Pump Set

New Product: Power Pump Set Price: $109.95             The Reviewer Said:  “I loved watching my clit get bigger! It makes for awesome foreplay. You can take off the pump while leaving the tube over your engorged clit. Then you can flick the tube and feel sensation on the clit. Yum!” […]

Toy Review Tuesday: Chubby G Vibrator

New Product: Chubby G Vibrator Price: $39.95     The Reviewer Said:  “I felt the low, thudding vibration in my vagina really well. It was so strong I needed less clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. The girth was great and overall it gave a really satisfying experience. “ Features: Silicone massager and ABS plastic […]

Toy Review Tuesday: Sea Grape Massage Oil

New Product: Breathe Easy and Exotic Fields Bath and Body Oils Price: 4oz $13.95 | 8oz $24.95       The Reviewer Said:  “It’s a light, dry massage oil, not thick like shea butter. It provided a nice glide, though I needed to reapply. I love the scent.”Breathe Easy: Eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint Exotic Fields: […]

Toy Review Tuesday: Pulse

New Product: Pulse Price: $104.95           The Reviewer Said:  “The orgasms! Holy fuck! I knew I liked vibrators but this … made every orgasm super-intense and increased the duration of them two- or three-fold.” Features:  Five patterns One  year warranty Rechargeable Waterproof Materials:  Body-safe silicone and stainless alloy

Toy Review Tuesday: Vi-Bo Hand Orb

New Product: Vi-Bo Hand Orb  Price: $19.95           The Reviewer Said: “My favorite part of this toy was it’s ease of use during finger and hand sex. I also loved how this toy was easily integrated into foreplay, so for people who like toys that don’t take up much space or […]

Toy Review Tuesday: Frolic Lubricant

New Product: Frolic Lubricant Price: 1.7oz $10.95 | 3.3oz $14.95               The Reviewer Said:  “Perfect viscosity—not so thin it was hard to handle, not so thick it didn’t go where it was needed. It’s slippery without a need to reapply. It lasted as long as I needed it and […]

Toy Review Tuesday: The Everlasting G-Spotter

New Product: The Everlasting G-Spotter Price: $49.95                   The Reviewer Said: “I found the sensation of warm, smooth ceramic unique and unexpected. The warmth of the toy was better than glass or metal because it didn’t shock my body when I first started to use it.””The bumps […]

Toy Review Tuesday: Cuddle Gspot Vibe

New Product: Cuddle Gspot Vibe Price: $69.00                   The Reviewer Said:  “The shape was fantastic, good for both internal and external use. It actually got toward my G-spot and other internal nerve centers. Externally, it was really easy to have vibration wherever I wanted it. It’s a […]