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Question: Hello ladies, I was in your shop a few nights ago, I was a little shy to ask you, I didn’t want to embarrass myself, if you know what I mean. What I wanted to ask you was what different penis pumps you have and which are the safest that you know of?

Travel Penis Pump

Penis pumps get a bad rap because of movies like Austin Powers and dismissive attitudes about male sexuality. We think pumps are awesome! They create suction and penis’s love suction, which is why blow jobs are fun! Pumps can make an erection bigger, firmer, and orgasms can feel more intense. There’s lots of misinformation about pumps too. A pump won’t make your penis bigger permanently, but it can help you have more control of your erection when used with an erection ring. Pumping the penis (and the clitoris) are an exciting way to get your rocks off. Beyond just feeling fantastic for masturbation they are also commonly used as a medical device to help men with erectile dysfunction and they can aid in penile rehabilitation. We carry a few affordable models at the store to select from. As for safety, generally pumps are safe if you are in good health. Research lags around sexuality in general but we know it’s not good to use a penis pump if you have sickle cell anemia or similar blood disorders. It’s also not safe if you take blood thinning medications. So, no advil before pumping up! As with all sex, if you feel pain, it’s time to stop. Pumping too much at one time can bruise and give you petechia (little burst capillary bruises). Generally, if you just take it easy and get to know your body, you’ll do fine. We also carry a vibrating clit pump as well, because the clitoris likes suction and vibration quite a bit too! Check out our selection of penis pumps for men here.


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