Phthalate Awareness & Non-toxic Sex Toys

Have you heard of phthalates?

Phtha- what? Right. It’s a scary word. But toxins in sex toys are even scarier!

We are putting safety first. We want to raise public awareness about phthalates — toxins commonly used to manufacture adult toys — by introducing Toxic Toy Awareness Month every April. We are all about pleasure, and we don’t think our anyone should have to worry about the safety of their sex toys. We see April — with Earth Day and the arrival of spring — as the perfect time to educate all sexy people about the importance of buying body safe sex toys and eco-friendly products.

Phthalates (pronounced “thay-lates”) are plastic softeners used in the manufacturing of jelly rubber toys and known to contain carcinogens. Operating in a largely unregulated industry, many adult toy manufacturers continue to use phthalates, despite incomplete data about their safety, for consumer use and in their factories. All of the toys at Self Serve are non-toxic, body safe and phthalate-free.

As part of Toxic Toy Awareness Month, we offer a free workshop in honor of Earth Day to raise customer awareness about the hazards of phthalates, sex toy toxins and the importance of buying body-safe sex toys. We also issue a call to manufacturers asking them to improve the quality of information they disclose about how their toys are produced. We at Self Serve believe there should be complete transparency about the safety of sex toys for consumers. If a sex toy is body safe and non-toxic, the manufacturer should proudly say so. Our goal is for every adult who visits our website to leave knowing more about the safety of the adult products they’re playing with. It’s important to buy sex toys from a company you trust.

We advise customers to seek out platinum-grade siliconeglass, and metal adult toys like toys on our site. We are highly selective about the safety and quality of our products, we test everything on the shelf, and have the disappointing sex so you don’t have to!