Making a Sexy Home Movie

Ever since people have had the ability to record themselves, they have secretly been recording themselves doin’it.

But, without some planning and preparation it can get really ugly—really fast. But with some careful planning you can be the director of your own private porn that will document your love life and let you see how beautiful you really are. Be creative! If you think kissing is sexy then focus on that. Surprise that special someone with a striptease to “your” song. You can show all but your face—or only show your face—it’s entirely up to you! Have fun!

Dos & Don’ts

Do use a tripod! Do not use fluorescent lighting. Do choose music carefully. Make sure you don’t have that polka practice CD on rotation. Turn off the phone and all other beeping devices, except the smoke alarm if you’re filming a fancy wax play scene, then don’t turn that off or your scene may go ‘live’ with the fire department as your captive audience.

Keep in mind that sexy spontaneity is the hottest thing to watch. Have adequate supplies, such as condoms, gloves, dental dams, lubricant, floggers and toys ready to go and easy to reach. Plan a few different kinds of activity to make your film interesting. Rent some porn you like so you can replicate the aspects you enjoy.

Most importantly, have fun! Even the bloopers will be entertaining later…