Safety First: Safer Sex Advice

When it comes to sex the rule to live and love by is—THE WETTER THE BETTER! Not only does a good lube make sex feel marvelously better for all parties involved—it actually makes sex safer. Lube cuts down on friction and irritation and reduces the risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections. If you’re using condoms lube reduces the risk of breakage. Lube makes sex last longer and feel better—so keep it slippery!

Leave the handcuffs for the professionals…

We can’t tell you how many people ask for handcuffs. They seem to be the perfect sexcessory; they’re hot, familiar, and inexpensive. they can cause nerve damage, which is totally not hot! The bones in your wrist are fragile and delicate and are covered in very little padding. A cop scene might be fun until your wrists start feeling numb and you realize you’ll have to explain your injuries to a physical therapist. If you have visions of being handcuffed to your bedpost try using leather or fabric restraints instead. They feel better and you can be a bad girl all night long.

Butt seriously…

If you’re going to put something up your butt—make sure you can get it back! If you are into backdoor action (and right on for enjoying ALL of your body—you enlightened stud) than you need to be smart about your choice of sexcessories. Unlike the sweet cul-de-sac of the vagina your butt is a two lane highway. The sad truth is that once something starts traveling up your butt, it might not be inclined to come out the way it came in. Specifically, if you don’t use a toy with a flared base or flange than you might end up in the ER explaining that the buzzing is NOT your cell phone ringing. Make sure you use the proper toys for the job because you have to take care of your prized assets: yourself. We encourage creative play, butt please choose toys that are meant for your booty.

If something hurts—stop it

A lot of people believe they should “ride it out” and that sex hurting or even feeling uncomfortable is normal. Some even use products that numb or desensitize, such as analyze, to cause a disconnect from their bodies during sex. This can be incredibly dangerous, not to mention a waste of time. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and that damage is being done. Sex should never hurt. Trust your body’s messages to you and sex will be a safe and enjoyable experience. It might take a bit more time, patience, and communication but sex will be much better for everybody. Instead of focusing on when sex is less painful and less dysfunctional, try thinking about the potential for more exciting pleasure, relaxation and passion in your life. You deserve it!

A caution about jelly rubber/phthalate-free and latex-free sex toys:

Any toy made of rubbers is porous and cannot be totally sterilized once used. Rubber sometimes contains latex or phthalates, softeners used in production. Research shows that phthalates may cause cancer. Any person with chemical sensitivities and latex allergies should avoid jelly rubber. These toys are often less expensive, but are often of lesser quality. Store rubber toys by themselves, as their material may react to other rubbers and plastics.  (Self Serve only sells non-toxic and phthalate-free sex toys!)

For more information on phthalates-free sex toys and consumer education, check out the Coalition Against Toxic Toys.