Eco-friendly Shopping Advice

It’s not easy finding non-toxic sex toys, but Self Serve is leading the way.

Every toy we sell is non-toxic and body-safe.

In a world where you can buy non-toxic paint for your recycled, recyclable, solar-powered home, perhaps it’s not surprising that you can make environmentally friendly healthy choices for your naughty bits as well.

Self Serve is proud to offer body-safe and environment-friendly sex toys and adult products.

We often take for granted that everything we buy, especially in the U. S. of A., is safe, and highly regulated by the FDA, EPA, or some bureaucratic committee. Not sex toys! It’s true: The most intimate consumer products in the market are completely unregulated. Because adult toys are sold as “novelties,” manufacturers are not required to abide by any health standards when producing them.

In the adult sex toy market, many manufacturers sell rubber and vinyl toys containing known carcinogenic toxins called phthalates (pronounced thay-lates.) Phthalates are PVC plastic softeners used in the manufacturing of jelly rubber toys. When a toy smells “rubbery,” chances are you’re smelling those phthalates. The more something smells, the more toxic it is. What’s worse is that phthalates are drawn to fats, much like those in your nether regions.

Buyer beware, indeed.

Fear not—Self Serve is here!

We believe that you shouldn’t have to wonder whether your sex toys are safe for your body. Every toy we sell is phthalate-free and non-toxic, from manufacturers who are leading the industry in producing safe, non-toxic, and ethically manufactured toys.

We seek out products that are long-lasting, can be sterilized, and are produced by small, ethical vendors. We favor platinum-grade silicone, glass, and metal toys as a safe, high-quality alternatives to the more common jelly rubber products on the market.

Unhealthy and offensive products? We don’t carry ’em!

There are too many yucky adult products out there. Some are offensive to women or men or lesbian, gay or transgender or fat or black people or people with disabilities, and some are just plain harmful to use. We prefer to avoid all of ’em. There are movies, books, DVDs, and such available on the adult market that we believe do not respect people as humans. We sort that stuff out so you don’t have to see it. We believe that there are plenty of beautiful, respectful, celebratory alternatives, and the more we demand quality and intelligence from erotica publishers and producers, the more they’ll supply.