Self Serve’s Top 5 Waterproof Vibrators

It’s summer and it’s hot! So naturally, it’s a great time to have some shower, pool or hot tub fun.

And thanks to innovative sex toy technology, there are a handful of waterproof vibrators. That means they go where you go on these hot summer days! Here are a few of our favorite toys you can take in the water!

1) Form 2 form-2

The Form 2 is one of our best-selling toys for many reasons! People love it because it’s completely sealed, so you can take it in the bath or shower, and you don’t have to worry about water leaking in. The rechargeable motors are housed in a shell that is completely covered in silicone. It charges via sitting on its dock, so no need to plug anything in! With two strong motors and many speeds and settings, this toy is sure to be more than just a summer fling!

We-vibe 42) We Vibe 4

The We Vibe 4 is also completely sealed, and has a remote you can use, or give to a partner if you’re feeling frisky! The We Vibe 4 is also coated in silicone, so you can clean and sterilize it. If you want to use silicone lube in the water, but are also using a silicone toy, just put your toy in a condom to protect the silicone lube from deteriorating the silicone material.


3) Revel Body Vibratorrevel body

The Revel Body Vibrator is a really cool toy that uses sonic vibration technology to deliver pulsations to whoever is lucky enough to be using it. One of the reasons this is a really unique toy for water play is because you can use it “backwards” so the pulsating piece is thrusting water against a clitoris, or other sensitive body parts. You can also use it the “normal” way, where the moving piece pulsates against the body. Either way, this is a great toy for summer fun because it is so versatile!

water-dancer-256px-256px4) Water Dancer

This is one of our strong battery-operated toys that also happens to be compact and waterproof (great for traveling!). Any toy with a battery compartment should be used with caution in water. Battery-operated toys often have an o-ring, which is what keeps the water from getting into the electrical components. If the o-ring is cracked or broken, the toy is no longer waterproof. It’s important to check your o-ring before bringing your toy in the water. If it is cracked or broken, we recommend taking your o-ring to a hardware store (you can leave the toy at home), and get some backup o-rings of the correct size, just to have handy.

5) Color Me OColor Me O

The Color Me O Bullet is a great affordable, waterproof option, but the same rules apply for this toy as for other battery-operated toys – check the o-ring first. And if you want to be extra sure, don’t keep the toy submerged. That means, you’re safe to use it in the shower, but submerging it in a pool or bath might increase the chances of water getting in. The great part about this bullet is that it’s small, discreet and has multiple different patterns and speeds! It also changes color as it’s exposed to heat!