Ask Self Serve – Toys for Prostate Stimulation

Question: I would like to try the Disco Booty for prostate stimulation. This would be my first time and I’m not sure what to do so that I would not make a mess?


Answer: Thank you for your question! For those who don’t know, the Disco Booty is a great beginning anal toy. It’s a 3-inch hard plastic toy, about the width of a finger. It vibrates and has a color-changing light at the end of the toy, hence the disco name. It’s like a disco party in your butt!

This is a good starting toy because it’s small and it vibrates which helps relax the sphincter muscles. Plus it’s an angled toy, which can deliver some prostate stimulation. There are definitely toys out there that are better for prostate stimulation like the Aneros Helix Syn or the Njoy Plugs, but the Disco Booty is a great place to start.

For your question about avoiding a mess the good news is that the first several inches of the rectal canal are not a storage area for anything ‘messy.’ As long as you are in good health and having regular BMs the disco booty probably won’t run into any issues. Also, try covering the toy with a condom for easy clean up. If it helps you feel more confident, there are some easy steps you can take to avoid any ‘mess’ making an appearance. One of the easiest methods is anal douching or an enema a few hours before you put anything in your butt. We sell an easy-to-use option called the Booty Bulb. You just fill the bulb with warm water, insert the tip, and squeeze the water out into your rectal canal.

Whenever we talk to customers about anal play, we share the four rules of anal pleasure. 1) Lubrication: Always use a good lube –and lots of it.  2) Relaxation — start with a massage or vibrator on the opening before any penetration. 3) Communication — Use verbal communication if you’re with a partner, and never do anything that hurts. 4) Frontal stimulation — for many people, anal penetration and genital stimulation feel great together. With those tips in mind, you should be on your way to comfortable and pleasurable anal play!


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