Self Serve’s Sex Tip Competition

Do you have some amazing bedroom moves you grace the world with? Share the love!


Self Serve is on a mission to help people be better lovers, have more bedroom confidence and enjoy more pleasure! If you have stunning sex tips and moves, we would love to hear them so we can compile all this valuable information and share it with those who are invested in rocking people’s worlds.

Sex tips can include favorite or surprisingly functional positions, types of stimulation, energy and stamina savers, dirty talk tips, self confidence boosts. Basically what are the things that YOU do in bed that make you a great lover!

And because we love games, we’ve created a monthly competition for the rest of 2015. You can submit your tip beginning on July 1st. We will review the tips we receive by July 30th (and on the last day of the month each month).  We’ll choose a winner within the following week. The monthly winner gets a $50 Self Serve Gift Card and their tip will be promoted on social media. And people will experience exquisite pleasure, because of you!

Click here to submit your tip and find out more about the process !