Ask Self Serve- What Are Self Serve Classes Like?

Question: What are your classes like and who comes to them? Are they just for couples or can single people attend?

Answer: Part of Self Serve’s mission is to offer adults sex education they find engaging, shame-free, frank and fun. We teach topics ranging from oral sex, BDSM, and polyamorous lifestyles to sex and self-love after trauma.

All of our classes are different, depending on the topic. In our yoga classes, people are on the floor doing yoga, in our oral sex classes, people practice on a sex toy or a piece of fruit. Our classes do not include any sex or genital touching, so no, you can’t offer your penis as a ‘teaching aid’ for the blowjob class. (And you wouldn’t be the first to ask!) Our classes are taught in the welcoming environment of Self Serve and are a safe space to explore new ideas and plan adventures.

Most of our classes are designed for anyone to come learn. A few classes are partner-specific, only because many people don’t feel comfortable

Co-Owner Molly Adler teaching during one of our classes.
Co-Owner Molly Adler teaching during one of our classes.

being paired-up with a stranger to do partner yoga or tantra exercises.

Attendees range from 18-80 and beyond. Sometime’s they’re straight, queer, transgender, kinky, conservative, male, female, married, divorced, partnered, poly, virgins, sex workers, nervous and confident.  Sometimes straight men come to the blowjob class to learn more about how their bodies work. Couples and singles attend the cunnilingus class, or vanilla folks might attend the kinky classes, just to learn about a new topic.

At the shop, at sex toy parties and in our workshops, we quickly learned that people need to tell their secrets. We realized that there are too few forums for communication and problem-solving that address these so-called “bedroom secrets” outside the bedroom. At Self Serve we provide a safe and inclusive space for you to get the sex education you probably never got in school.

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