Sexual Assault Awareness Month Free Class

Self Serve is passionate about providing resources and support for survivors of sexual assault. We’re hosting a free class on Thursday April 28th “Sex and Self Love for Survivors”

banner_0Self Serve is working with Sera Miles to provide a free class for survivors and their partners. “Sex and Self Love for Survivors” offers participants a comfortable setting to discuss how trauma impacts sex and sexuality. We’ll also talk about techniques that may help people process trauma and reclaim their erotic, sexual and personal sense of self.

Sera Miles has been teaching about sex, relationships, BDSM and more for over 7 years. This class will help people develop skills and more self awareness to their sexual self confidence, she said.

“This class is designed for everyone, as it takes a holistic view of trauma,” said Sera. “All types of trauma have the potential to affect our relationships, sense of self, and sexual desire. I invite people to come learn about themselves and their loved ones.”

Self Serve recognizes that trauma and sexual assault are more common than acknowledged, and that often times, survivors might have questions and challenges about how to approach reclaiming their sexual identity. Self Serve works to educate people about affirmative consent as well as to support people who have experienced sexual assault.

“At Self Serve we talk about sexual assault every day,” said Matie Fricker, owner of Self Serve. “We know that in New Mexico, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 20 men are survivors of sexual assault. We want to let survivors know we are here for them and that they are not alone.”


Instead of a class fee, we suggest that attendees make a donation to the crisis organization of your choice, such as Life Link.


To reserve your spot and read the class description here, click here.